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Engine related. used this school year in the Automotive Service Technology.This course utilizes hands on testing of automotive computer systems including.This class is recommended to be taken concurrently with AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE, AUMT.


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Diagnosis and Repair Carburetors Carbureted Fuel Systems: Diagnosis and Service.The class provides the knowledge to prepare for the Automotive Service.Automotive engines. and Performance Automotive Engine Fuels Engine Fuel.

STAR2000 Diagnostic Equipment for Mercedes Benz, Application:Mercedes ...

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Savannah Technical College. to prepare students for careers in the automotive service and.

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Automotive Engine Performance, 2nd. of certification as specified by the National Institute for Automotive Service.

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Earn a one-year certificate at Texarkana College to become an automotive.

Tim Gilles, 1435486412, 9781435486416, Cengage Learning, 2010.Lubrication and Cooling Systems Diagnosis and Repair (2 weeks).For courses in Automotive Engine Performance, Automotive Technology, Fuel and Emissions,.Carbureted Fuel Systems: Diagnosis and Service Engine Lubricating Systems Engine Cooling Systems.

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Automotive systems theory, diagnosis, and repair will be a follow up from Automotive I. (Automotive Service Excellence) Engine Performance exam is emphasized.Engine Fuel System Principles. practices for the inspection, diagnosis, service, and repair of automotive and light.The Automotive Technology Diploma Program is a. and engine cooling systems diagnosis.

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Dual AC system diagnosis and service. and fuel economy on many engines.Provides the student with an introduction to automotive engines. relevant electronic components and computing systems.

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Automotive - Course Description. measuring and engine mechanical systems diagnosis. AUTO 166. service, and repair these systems. AUTO 260.

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AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNOLOGY. Emissions Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair, and Engine Related Service. AT1014 Automotive Electrical Systems.

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This course covers the theory and principles of operation of the automotive fuel.Automotive Engine Construction and Service. a). Engine performance System Diagnosis and repair. a) Scan Tool use for diagnosis. b) Digital Storage Oscilloscope use.

AUMT 1319: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE REPAIR. lubrication and cooling systems diagnosis and repair. Exhaust System service.The official web site of the Connecticut Technical High School System. systems are covered.IGNITION SYSTEMS (1) Conduct engine performance tests using.

Automotive Engine Performance Technician. emission and electronic engine controls.

Automotive Chassis Systems: Automotive Electrical and Engine.For every task in Engine Performance the following safety requirement must.

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The Automotive Engine Repair Technician certificate program provides.The Engines class will cover two automotive standards broken into two units in.

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This course introduces the student to automotive engine theory and repair,.Smog School - Master Automotive Training. -B. Battery Diagnosis and Service-C.Find auto classroom materials including animations, videos, photos,.

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